How to order

How can I buy miniatures from Créations Petitbois?

  1. You can visit my Etsy online secured shop Link opens in new window.

  2. Or simply order by email.

About ordering by email

If you choose to order by email rather than from Etsy, please note that I will have first to check if the item is in stock, and if not, how long it might take to complete your order. I will provide at the same time information about the cost of the item, payment methods and, if applicable, shipping fees.

I also accept commissioned work and special requests, if you can afford to wait a little.

The Artwork section of this website provides examples of miniatures you can order aside of those currently available in my Etsy Shop. A more extensive gallery is on the way and will be online soon.

International orders

We ship to : Canada, France, UK and USA. International orders must be paid by Paypal.

PayPal (Link opens in new window.)