Since 2012, Créations Petitbois aims to showcase the miniature artwork of Emilie Viau. Her handmade collectibles are mostly inspired by nature and country themes. Emilie actually focuses on making dollhouse furniture, clocks and dolls in 1/12 scale.

  • Decorative dolls
  • Miniature wildlife scenes

What is the size of theses miniatures?

Furniture, clocks and dolls are all in 1/12 scale, unless otherwise specified. This is a very common scale for doll houses and accessories. This means the miniature is about twelve times smaller than the real-life object.

Miniature wildlife scenes don't follow a particular scale, but they will most often fit in the palm of your hand.

To anticipate better the size of our miniatures, these are generally pictured with a referential object (coin, ruler, etc.). The Artwork section of this website also includes detailed information about the measurement of each miniature represented.

Can theses miniatures be played with?

Although they are crafted with durability in mind, our miniatures remain collectibles and must be handled with care. They are not recommended for children under age 14.